About the Cluster

The mission of CINNOMATECH is to support economic growth of the region and consolidate competitiveness of manufacturing companies.

Strategic objectives are set to:

  • create a network of cooperation between companies, high education institutions, local government and business support organisations,
  • increase company innovative capability,
  • provide the flow of information between cluster members,
  • support business and provide conditions for effective commercialisation of scientific research results,
  • create and introduce innovative products/services on the market,
  • promote Polish regional and national manufacturing industry, create a common brand,
  • create convenient conditions for development of manufacturing industry innovativeness by lowering costs of work.

Objectives are accomplished through:

  • Planning and coordination of joint projects (organisation of group work),
  • Applying for funds from public resources,
  • Promotion of the region as a place which stimulates establishment of innovative companies, skills development and accomplishment of projects in the manufacturing industry,
  • Access to a common research infrastructure,
  • Access to consultancy and training,
  • Starting and administrating the cluster’s website,
  • Organisation of broking conferences, workshops, meetings, foreign missions, etc.
  • Actions for research on innovations,
  • Entering into and developing relations with other clusters, organisations, institutions, companies from outside the cluster.