The Innovative Technologies Cluster of Production is open for all those interested. Participation in the Cluster is voluntary and based on the will to collaborate. Cluster members are mainly companies from the metal processing, machine construction and machine parts sector as well as production of machining tools. The Cluster also encompasses service organisations from such sectors as education, research and development, IT and counselling services within design technological processes, tool selection and optimisation of electrical power consumption.

"HALMET" Z.P.U.H Henryk Choina Wróblowice
Wróblowice, ul. Stawowa 22, Miękinia

Halmet Z.P.U.H. is a private family business active on the domestic and foreign market since 1980. Our highly qualified engineering and manufacturing personnel have wide experience and guarantee high quality manufacture.

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"Wiśniewski - ABM" s.c. Zakład Mechaniczny
Bystrzyca Kłodzka, ul. Zamenhofa 38

The company has been running its business activity since July 1999, and is registered in the economic activity records kept by the Mayor of Bystrzyca Kłodzka. Modern machines controlled numerically (CNC) allow us to guarantee the quality and promptness of orders. 100% of our articles are exported to the German market.

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ul. Kostrzyńska 36, 02-979 Warszawa
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Agencja Reklamy Interaktywnej DotCom
ul. Karola Miarki 42, 58-500 Jelenia Góra (dolnośląskie)

DOTCOM Interactive Advertisement Agency was founded in 2001. If you are seeking an agency in Lower Silesia which will accomplish ambitious projects for you (?), you are in the right place. DOTCOM Interactive Advertisement Agency renders comprehensive solutions, which means that for many of our clients we not only compose aesthetically designed websites, but also create their image, and visual identification; we also design logotypes, brochures, folders, and office materials.

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ul.Mostowa 7, 59-800 LUBAŃ (dolnośląskie)

P.P.U.H. "AGROMETAL” specialises in machining. We have been a reliable business partner since 1985. We currently employ 50 highly-qualified workers who guarantee the highest quality of manufactured products. Our articles are produced according to the documentation prepared at our construction and technology office.

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ul. Zamkowa 67, 58-250 Pieszyce (dolnośląskie)

We are a young and dynamically growing company which manufactures specialist vehicle bodywork. The production programme includes the standard bodywork offer directed to a wide range of clients as well as modern bodywork which we started manufacturing in recent years.

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BASIT Sp. z o.o.
ul. 1 Maja 3B, 55-100 Trzebnica (dolnośląskie)

BASIT Sp. z o.o. was established in 2003 by a German company, SIT Singwitz Industrietechnik GmbH – a systemic provider of solutions for the machine-building industry and BAMET S.C. – a supplier of spare parts for agricultural machinery, present on the market since the beginning of the 1990s.

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Biuro Rzeczoznawstwa Technicznego
ul. Gałczyńskiego 3, Jelenia Góra (dolnośląskie)

Certified expert Henryk Mackiewicz, SIMP (Polish Engineers and Mechanics Association) expert no. 700

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Braform P.P.H.U. Adam Brańka
ul.Witosa 3, 58-100 Świdnica (dolnośląskie)

The company has been present on the market since 1999. We have managed to gain clients in the whole of Poland, EU and Ukraine. We place emphasis on the expertise, independence and efficiency of our personnel. Our every choice requires different technological solutions which are adjusted to our client’s needs

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Centrum Zaawansowanych Systemów Produkcyjnych
ul. Łukasiewicza 5/7, 50-454 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

Centre of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies was established in 2000 (as a Centre of Excellence funded by the European Union) in Wrocław University of Technology, Institute of Machine Technologies and Automation. In Poland CAMT is considered a leading research and technology centre.

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ul.Kolejowa 25, 59-800 Lubań (dolnośląskie)

In response to the local market and the demand of German clients Contur 2000 was established 2000. From the very beginning the firm’s principal activity was to conduct technical projects for dedicated machines and specialist production lines.

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DB Energy Sp. z o.o.
ul. Stanów Zjednoczonych 4, 54-403 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

We have the pleasure of presenting you the offer of DB Energy Sp. z o.o. which renders unique services connected with power engineering consulting both with technical inspection of intake systems. Our actions can bring our clients even 25% savings on energy consumption costs and increase energy efficiency.

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Dolnośląski Park Innowacji i Nauki S.A.
ul. Wystawowa 1, 51-618 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park is a business-relation institution whose objective is commercialisation of research and development activity. We handle innovation issues and implementation of innovative solutions and technologies in companies of Lower Silesia and others. Our organisation was established by the Local Government of Lower Silesia.

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DW Group
Ul . Wróbla 3/3, 53-407 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

Firma DW Group offers sports simulators for various types of events. We can provide a wide range of driving simulators from Formula 1 cars, and car race simulators to a motorcycle simulator making us a leading supplier of this type of equipment in Poland. We are also able to organise a tennis or boxing competition with our sports simulators.

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Effectica Agencja Reklamowa Sp. z o.o.
ul. Świdnicka 12-16, 50-066 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)
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Eksport-Import-Handel-Pośrednictwo-Ślusarstwo inż. Edward Bogusz
ul. Wróblowicka 1, 55-330 Miękinia (dolnośląskie)

BOGUSZ follows a policy of providing products of high quality confirmed by safety certificates issued by the Automotive Industrial Institute and gaining clients' recognition due to reliable operation and timely deliveries. Our production and delivery systems are very flexible and suited to the individual preferences and requirements of our customers.

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Fabryka Narzędzi FANAR S.A.
ul. Płocka 11, 06-400 Ciechanów (dolnośląskie)

FANAR S.A. in Ciechanów is currently the largest domestic manufacturer of thread tools. 40-years’ experience in tool production, continuous technical progress, systematic technological development and client service of a high standard make FANAR S.A. a highly valued partner for tool suppliers and users in Poland and abroad.

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Brzeźna 4, 90-303 Łódź (łódzkie)

"Finances for Firms" is a consulting company of "business to business" type.
We have been supporting entrepreneurs in getting resources to developrn their companies since 10 years. Among our clients there are small and medium-sized enterprises as well as global concerns.

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Firma Kuczma. Wiesław Kuczma
ul. Poznańska 57, 59-220 Legnica (dolnośląskie)

The company KUCZMA has been running its production and service business since 1986. We are based in Legnica but work with a number of distinguished companies in Poland and abroad. Our business partners appreciate our reliability, financial credibility, timely payments, services of high quality and executed in due time but above all years of tradition in business operation and the good financial condition of the company.

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Firma WIT
kościuszki 1, 55-010 Radwanice /Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

Since 1969, the company WIT has been providing services in the area of metal processing.
At present we are producer elements for hydraulics. With our extensive machine park we can manufacture products on individual order. All elements produced by our company are made of high quality materials and therefore possess excellent exploitation properties.

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Głogowskie Centrum Edukacji Zawodowej w Głogowie
ul. Piotra Skargi 29, 67-200 Głogów (dolnośląskie)

On the strength of Council of Głogów Poviat resolution No. VI/54/2007 dated 28 March 2007, a complex of a public establishment of continuing and practical education was founded under the name of Professional Education Centre in Głogów at Piaskowa 1.

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IceTech Polska
Brzozowa 3, 59-100 Polkowice (dolnośląskie)
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IKB Leasing Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul.Wolności 7/406, 50-071 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

IKB Leasing Poland – a leasing company for enterprising people. You should be convinced. Invest with our assistance. It is profitable! We are a dynamically developing leasing association as a part of IKB Leasing GmbH Group.

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KMB GRUPA Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa
ul. Kleczkowska 50, 50-227 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)
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KONSTAL Sp. z o.o.
ul.Gazowa 4, 59-800 Lubań (dolnośląskie)

We specialise in designing, manufacturing and assembling large chandeliers. Our company employs highly qualified personnel who can artistically materialise the designs of clients.

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ul. Rynek 7, 50-106 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

KPG Keller Książek Grodzińska Spółka Partnerska Adwokatów is a leader in legal services for businesses from the Lower Silesia and Opole region. Our team consists of lawyers and legal advisors with many years of professional experience and academic teachers – experts in company law and contracts.
We specialise in comprehensive legal and tax services for Polish and foreign companies. We assist in their establishment, registration and further operation

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ul.Kuziennicza 4, 59-400 Jawor (dolnośląskie)

Kuźnia Jawor Spółka Akcyjna has over 110 years of tradition and experience in the manufacture of high quality die forging. Dynamic growth and an active presence on domestic and foreign markets is the company’s strategy.

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ul. Reymonta 1D, 58-372 Boguszów Gorce (dolnośląskie)

We are a dynamically growing family firm. The main line of our business activity is comprehensive material removal processing, beginning with precise metal elements worked on CNC machines, through servicing of auto concerns and ending with the manufacture of large elements cut with a water stream for construction and aviation use.

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ul. Mikulicza 6a, 58-160 Świebodzice (dolnośląskie)

Our company’s growth depends on the development of our clients by building partnership based on trustworthiness arising from the fulfilment of terms. We redeem obligations towards our clients and fulfil them according to detailed agreements and analysis of their requirements. We constantly modernise and improve our production equipment to satisfy clients’ requirements.

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ul. Lwowska 40, 59-620 Gryfów Śląski (dolnośląskie)

Matusewicz Budowa Maszyn s.j. launched the manufacture of plastic and steel containers with fittings in 1993, and from the very beginning has offered services and production related to plastic and steel working. We are specialised in the construction of galvanising plants. We also manufacture tools and elements used in chemical processes.

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Metal - Master
ul. Nad Stawami 2, 58-560 Jelenia Góra (dolnośląskie)

We employ highly-qualified specialists to maintain the high quality levels of the products we offer, especially in terms of deadlines, reliability and product quality. We operate in global markets (Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Romania, Tunisia, and Mexico), which gives us the experience and know-how necessary to satisfy your needs effectively.

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ul. Rzemieślnicza 12, 55-095 Mirków (dolnośląskie)

Metal machining.

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ul. Kolejowa 44, 57-230 Kamieniec Ząbkowicki (dolnośląskie)

Metrol was established in 1991 and has been continuously operating ever since.
1956 POM was founded in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki
1991 Jan Klimczuk took over part of the former POM. Metrol was founded.
1991 Cooperation with mining industry started.
1994 Metrol gained Mining Institute certificate for own Automated Hydraulic Roof Support (ZOG).
1995 Metrol became the largest private supplier of linings for Silesian coal mines.
1992-1998 10 000 ZOGs were sold by Metrol (20 T each)
1999 Production of reloading systems started.
2000 Production of heat exchanger components for GEA.
2005 Separate department of furnace welding created.
2008 Production of linings for shell-and-tube heat exchangers started.

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Narzędzia Skrawające Tools Sp. z o.o.
ul.Rogowska 117c, 54-440 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

Narzędzia Skrawające Tools Sp.z o.o. has been operating since 1993 as the sole representative of reputed manufacturers of tools and instrumentation. At present, it represents over 10 factories specializing in a particular assortment of tools and instrumentation of machines. For years the company has been co-operating with important, modern production enterprises in the whole of Poland.

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Oerlikon Balzers Coating Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul. Fabryczna 4, 59-101 Polkowice (dolnośląskie)

Oerlikon Balzers is a pioneer and a world market leader in the field of wear-protection coatings for tools and machine parts.
"Oerlikon Balzers is setting the pace of the industry for hard, wear protective coatings. From its beginning in 1978 to today we have launched many leading products, provided new services to our clients and enabled our clients to boost their productivity and have come up with innovative solutions for our clients.

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ul. Warszawska 75, 95-200 Pabianice (łódzkie)

The company applies modern, energy-saving, environmentally friendly technologies, ensuring product competitiveness against the best tool companies in the world.Our company applies the standard quality system according to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2009.

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Plazmatronika NT sp. z o.o.
Kielecka 23, 54-029 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)
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Politechnika Wrocławska
Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27, 50-370 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

Wrocław University of Technology is an autonomous technical university and a university research institution. Its mission is to form creative, critical and tolerant personalities of students and postgraduates, and chart directions of development of science and techniques. The University, serving society, realizes its mission through: inventions and innovations, the highest standards in scientific investigations, passing on knowledge, high quality education and liberty of criticism with respect for the truth.

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Ravisson Polska
ul. Klecińska 125, 54-413 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

N.I.T. Sp. z o. o. is a manufacturer and distributor of equipment used for acquiring energy from renewable sources.
The company owns the Ravisson brand of solar collectors that are one of the most modern solutions on the market and have proven successful in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.

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ul. Stroma 1b, 59-220 Legnica (dolnośląskie)
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ROMATEX Tadeusz Matyjek
ul.Wałbrzyska 11, 02-739 Warszawa (mazowieckie)

ROMATEX has been present on the Polish market of machine tools suppliers since 1992. Our customers are firms in which the efficiency of production, precision of processing, innovative technologies and the quality of production are the main aims. We are a sole distributor of manufacturers of precise machine tools from Germany and Taiwan in Poland.

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SANHA Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul.Poznańska 49, 59-220 Legnica (dolnośląskie)

SANHA® was started in 1964, in Essen-Kietwig by Marianne and Friedhelma Kaimer. Initially, the company dealt with import/export of various sanitary-installation articles from toilets to water heaters. Then the company began producing connectors.

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Al. Jana Pawła II 33, 58-506 Jelenia Góra (dolnośląskie)

Simet SA is the leading manufacturer of electro-technical equipment for installations of low and medium voltage. At present, the Simet SA enterprise functions based on activity in four principal areas:

  • Production of electro-technical equipment
  • Municipal services
  • Cooperation with foreign partners
  • Production of specialist tools for production needs
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ul.Wróblowicka 2, 55-030 Lutynia (dolnośląskie)

"ŚLUSARSTWO SEMENIUK" has been providing services since 1982. In this period we specialized in regeneration of front axle beams of trucks. We worked with PAFAWAG in delivering replacement parts to railway and tram rolling stocks. At present, we continue to co-operate with the company BOMBARDIER.

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Spółdzielnia PIONIER
Batorego 35, 48-200 PRUDNIK (opolskie)
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ul. Nowodworska 17, 59-220 Legnica (dolnośląskie)

Everything from the design stage and all stages of production to the final product, we create reliable solutions which meet our customers' high requirements. The voltage height regulator integrated with the steering system, dynamic system of material detection, vertical anti-collision system and the automatic schedule of cutting parameters selection - these are our standard technological solutions increasing the reliability of work of the machines we produce.

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Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów i Techników Mechaników Polskich
ul. Wojska Polskiego 54, 58-500 Jelenia Góra (dolnośląskie)

SIMP is a voluntary, democratic, self-governing and long-lasting organization of social usefulness, uniting engineers and technicians of all specialties and related professions. SIMP is a creative association of a scientific-technical character which endeavours to make use of its members' intellect, wealth of nature, creating an atmosphere of friendly solidarity, and taking care of economic development of the country and safety of the Republic of Poland.

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ul.Wrocławska 33/3, 58-100 Świdnica (dolnośląskie)

Firma T&R Technical Support Sp. z o.o. was created by changing the legal status of the previous civil partnership. It was established by two people working in the technical sector for almost 11 years, which is a guarantee of professional service and technical consulting.

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ul. Zamkowa 67, 58-250 Pieszyce (dolnośląskie)
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ul. Kościerzyńska 25 , 51-411 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

PPU TERMEN S.A. was established in 1984. Its joint stock of PLN 1,000,000 is held by domestic investors (natural persons). The company employs approx. 100 people. The company’s business involves manufacturing and heat engineering services. The company operates in the territory of Poland, with export accounting for an increasing share of its operations. A network of authorised agents all over the country allows us to provide better service to our customers, and your company should be among them.

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TOP SERVICE - Techniczna Obsługa Produkcji
ul.Zamkowa 67, 58-250 Pieszyce (dolnośląskie)

We are a group of companies operating since 1992 continuously developing and broadening the range of our activity.
We think that thanks to running diversified activity, applying traditional and modern technologies, using various materials in the process of production and their skilful combining, we will be able to satisfy many of your needs.

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Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Dolnośląskiego
Wybrzeże Juliusza Słowackiego 12-14, 50-411 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)
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Warsztat Mechaniczny Zbigniew Szymczak
ul. Potokowa 50, 54-105 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

The company acts in the branch of tools for turnery and milling centres.

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Wrocławskie Centrum Transferu Technologii (WCTT)
ul. Smoluchowskiego 48, 50-372 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

WCTT- Wrocław Centre of Technology Transfer was established in 1995 with a view to making a bridge between science and industry and the economy .
The actions of WCTT focus in particular on providing support and promoting innovative entrepreneurship in Poland and using results of scientific research in modern economy. The services of the Centre are targeted at companies (also newly established ones) as well as science and business consortia and research and development institutions.

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ul.Wróblowicka 3, 55-330 Miękinia (dolnośląskie)

WROPOL ENGINEERING was established in 1985 as a company manufacturing parts and units for the mining, building and railway industries. Currently WROPOL ENGINEERING is implementing power hydraulics projects in compliance with the documentation produced by its own construction office or provided by the customer, delivering fuel and implementing investment projects.

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Wykonywanie Narzędzi i Urządzeń. Białczak Zdzisław
ul.Świdnicka 38, 58-200 Dzierżoniów (dolnośląskie)

The company has been operating in the Polish market for 15 years now and has won a lot of clients throughout Poland. We are particularly concerned about the quality of services and timely and reliable accomplishment of your purchase orders.

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Zakład Mechaniczno – Handlowy ZAMEH
ul.Kłodzka 10, 58-210 Łagiewniki (dolnośląskie)

The "ZAMEH" Machine and Trade Plant is a metal industry company operating since 1987. It handles production and complex service activity in the field of metalworking. The company offers its clients a wide range of services executed according to received documentation or on the basis of internally developed documentation.

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Zakład Mechaniki Maszyn Janusz Borkowski
ul.Otyńska 6, 54-426 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

Zakład Mechaniki Maszyn is a civil company offering production of machine elements for machinery used in the engineering, car and agricultural industries. Our company produces toothed bars, toothed wheels and chain wheels of the highest quality and repairs toothed gears and worm gears.

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Zakład Produkcyjno-Handlowy „SKAMET” Tadeusz Skawiński
ul.Kwiatowa 25, Źródła, 55-330 Miękinia (dolnośląskie)

SKAMET production plant began its activity in the metal business in March 1983 from co-operating with large Wrocław firms. Over 25 years of activity on the market have allowed bringing together a reliable team and gaining indispensable experience to execute work efficiently, with art and customers' expectations.

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Zakład Narzędziowy "Wromet-Tools" Sp. z o.o.
ul.Stargardzka 4b, 54-156 Wrocław (dolnośląskie)

The "Wromet-Tools" SP. Z O.O. plant was established 01.01.1998 on the basis of the Tools Department PILMET S.A. with over 50 years of tradition. We work both with Western European companies and domestic enterprises. We employ about 40 highly qualified personnel. Many years of experience guarantee you timely and reliable accomplishment of your purchase order at a competitive price.

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ul. Wróblowicka 6 Lutynia , 55-330 Miękinia (dolnośląskie)

EMKO specialises in products for the energy industry and mining. We use materials with enhanced strength parameters for operation in pressure equipment and for high temperatures.

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ZETKAMET Z. i K. Dżusajew
ul.Malczycka 25a, 55-300 Środa Śląska (dolnośląskie)

Metal machining.

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